Helm Greycastle, Book One

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New Latinx fantasy by Henry Barajas, author of the critically acclaimed La Voz De M.A.Y.O.: Tata Rambo.

The last dragon prince has been abducted—kept prisoner by an unknown threat: AZTEC MEXICA! Helm Greycastle and his outsider comrades are here to save the prince—but are recruited by a resistance plotting to overthrow Montezuma. Will Greycastle help save the people of Mexica or save the dragon prince and flee?

BONUS! Helm Greycastle includes role-playing games (5E compatible) written by Tristan J. Tarwater (Rolled & Told), Geoffrey Golden (Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp), Matt Hawkins (THINK TANK), and art by Jen Vaughn (Goosebumps: Download and Die)!

Collects Helm Greycastle #1-4