Hitsville UK Collected Edition

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A love-letter to the weirder corners of pop-music, Hitsville UK is a 240-page graphic novel following the misadventures of a motley assortment of bands as they try to make it big. It’s the best, though possibly only, musical-pop-art-soap-opera in comic book form.

The cast is a carnival of angel-voiced grotesques, monster-hunters, imaginary robots, hip-hop agitators, faded 80s starlets, drug-addled producers and demonic accountants.

Full of sly digs and references to musical genres past and present, Hitsville UK appeals to music obsessives as well as comic fans.

The collection features all seven issues, mini-strips, pin-ups, process material and a foreword by music journalist (and drummer from Menswear) Matt Everitt.