Rowdy Town, Day 1: Brucie's Band

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A 32 page comic featuring the Rowdy Town story ‘Day – 1 Brucie’s Band’. Plus a two page exclusive strip ‘Deliveries’ and additional exclusive content.

Join us as we casually follow Percy Macaroon, a quite boring bear, as he goes about his day with his boss Brucie Wayne and his housemate ghost Bryony Spukowski.

From High Green Dawn's website: I’ve picked apart elements of my own life and sewed them together into a fun romp. It’s not at all autobiographical, but I wanted it to feel more real, so a lot of it is loosely based on true stories. With Rowdy Town I tried to make something with heart where you actually get to know and (hopefully) like the characters. This first story is rammed with jokes, easter eggs and payoffs and I feel like it is my tightest writing.

It’s set in the Greater Shudderwuddercuddersfield area like my other comics, so they’re all linked in some way."

The comic is professionally printed on recycled paper. As per the webcomic, the bulk of it is in black and white with a couple of bonus colour pages.